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consultation services

volunteer picking produce from farm

We know firsthand that community green spaces have a powerful impact. They have the power to create access to fresh, healthy food, equip people with the skills and resources to grow their own, create jobs, cultivate a healthier and more biodiverse environment, and bring people together.   

Are you interested in bringing a garden or farm to your community? Our team has over 50 years of experience designing, building, and running community gardens and farms of all sizes in Cook County.

We can provide dedicated support in the following areas:

  • Land Acquisition & Assessment
  • Sample Farm/Garden Layouts or Custom Designs
  • Farm/Garden Planning, Staff Development, Budgeting
  • Crop Planning, Agricultural Production
  • Developing Sales & Distribution Channels
  • Fundraising/Grant Writing
  • Conversations with Key Stakeholders 
greenhouse lit up with twinkly lights at night with produce in foreground