About Us

Our Vision

We envision caring communities that motivate and support all residents to participate and access food in ways that promote and sustain the holistic health of people and the environment. 

Our Mission

We work in collaboration with communities to develop and expand access to local, sustainably grown food.

Through our work, we strive to support our community in the following ways:

Holistic Health & Well Being

We use regenerative practices to grow fresh, organic, culturally affirming food with and for our community. 50% of the food we grow is sold on a sliding scale. The other 50% is donated to food pantries, mutual aid, and senior and public housing facilities. 

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Thriving Community

Our farms are safe, welcoming, and inclusive green spaces where neighbors can connect with each other and the land. We offer a variety of programs, events, and volunteer opportunities that invite residents to learn and share with one another. 

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Regenerative Local Food System

We collaborate with neighboring farmers to support the development of a more resilient and regenerative local food system.  

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Our Values

These values were developed by our team and reflect who we are and how we approach our work


We believe in the power of food to promote our interconnectedness and help us overcome differences in race, income, age, gender, and geography to meaningfully connect as humans with each other and the land. And so, we believe in co-creating environments that are welcoming, inclusive and designed to sustain the holistic well-being of people, our land, and the food we cultivate together.

We work from a foundation of justice, with a focus on anti-oppression, to engage with power in a way that addresses systemic and structural inequities that are operating within and between the individual, group, organizational, and institutional levels.

We believe in respectful, open, and honest communication to help us and our collaborators stay mutually accountable for how we might influence for people and planet with our power.

We consider everyone’s insight as meaningful and necessary in the design and execution of our contributions. We seek to disrupt traditional power dynamics by actively receiving and offering guidance in line with our values, regardless of current position or power, to build trusting, resilient relationships.

We believe adaptability and resilience grow by healing our environment and the people who rely on the land and each other for spiritual, mental, and physical health and well-being.

We engage with each other and the land from a place of wonder and delight, always celebrating the abundance of life and the opportunity to care for each other and the land communally.

How Just Roots Works

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Cultivating Community

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