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Our team is committed to supporting the development of a local, regenerative, and community driven food system, one in which the food we produce nourishes our bodies, communities, and land. 

In addition to operating our own farms, we provide a wide range of technical support services to neighboring farms, community gardens, businesses, and nonprofit organizations who are working toward that same goal.

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience designing, building, and running community green spaces of all sizes in Cook County and can provide support in the following areas:

1. Land Acquisition & Assessment
2. Custom Farm/Garden Design
3. Planning, Budgeting, Operational Development
4. Agricultural Production
5. Food Sales & Distribution Channels
6. Fundraising
7. Community Engagement

Interested in developing or enhancing a community food space in your neighborhood? 

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Ada McKinley Community Services

Bronzeville Neighborhood Farm

Pacific Garden Mission

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