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Our Vision

We envision a world in which every person can access their right to food that benefits their health, community, and environment.

Our Mission

To advance our vision, we work in collaboration with communities to develop access to local, sustainably grown food.

We carry out this mission through three core initiatives:

We Grow Food Locally and Sustainably

We empower our community to grow, access, cook, and eat local, culturally relevant food.

We Educate

We facilitate hands-on educational programming that equips participants with the skills and resources to grow food sustainably and work towards leading a healthier life.

We Build Community

Using our farms as community building space, we forge relationships with local residents through shared space, events, and training programs.

Our Values

Community – We come together through an environment welcoming and inclusive to all, working together toward a shared mission, and embracing our interconnectedness.

Equity – We work from a foundation of justice, with a focus on anti-oppression, to engage with power in a way that addresses systemic and structural inequities that are operating within and between the individual, group, organizational, and institutional levels.

Transparency – We believe in showing what we claim we are by working together with respectful, open, and honest communication.

Collaboration – We use nonhierarchical structures to disrupt traditional power dynamics and equitably consider everyone’s insight as unique, meaningful, and necessary.

Regenerative – We center people and planet over profit with sustainability both now and seven generations ahead, adaptability and resilience, and healing in mind.


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